Stratis April Monthly

4 min readApr 13, 2023


April derives from the Latin term ‘to open’ — referring to flowers fully blooming in spring. As we head into April, the last month has certainly been a time of blooming for Stratis as we’ve seen SDA proposals, events, releases, and lots of development. Please read below for a recap of where we now stand as April begins.

My XR World

The My XR World team has been working hard on some exciting new functions, implementing an add friends feature, which allows users to invite their buddies and visit their worlds easily. Making My XR World a functional social space for users is an essential step in the development of the experience.

There are also several developments in the pipeline for My XR World. The team is working on implementing a tagging system that will improve the organising of digital assets and help users display them in personalised spaces. There is also work to improve the uploading of assets, including 3D, entire Unity scenes, Reddit pages and music files. There will also include tools that allow users to monetise some assets they upload.

The team are working to make the experience more immersive, including building a new UI and the ability to buy storefront space in the metaverse mall. If you want to learn more or try the Beta, contact the team in their Discord Server.

Trivia Legends

Trivia Legends has been released for more than a month and has secured 10,000 players and seen 1,400 new game wallets created. Clearly people are excited to try their hand at the innovative trivia-strategy game.

Kiqqi, the developers behind Trivia Legends, are working on several improvements in the NFT systems, including fixes to the mint scaling system and tools to ease NFT game collection management. They are also researching ways to introduce cross-game NFT characters — so do watch this space as the Kiqqi games universe could soon become interconnected. Other developments in the Kiqqi camp include work on their Question API and Database for Trivia Legends, which will allow for extensions like adding questions on the fly and multi-language translations.

Click here to download the app.

Stratis Meetup

Last month on March 24th, we saw another enjoyable meetup for the Stratis Community at Tower Suites in London. The meetups are a key part of building Stratis as a community, with merch, drinks, insightful presentations, and pleasant conversation always found in abundance. We were particularly pleased to see more of the work from Trivia Legends, Dawn of Ships and My XR World, all of which are powered by the Stratis blockchain.

Click the link to get a free ticket to the next one.

Corgi Dash available on PC and WebGL

The Mario Run-inspired play-to-earn game Corgi Dash is now available on PC and WebGL. This is a significant achievement from the Corgi Dash team and a testament to their continued work and passion for the game. With Corgi Dash now available, there is no better time to click the links below and experience it first-hand.



Stratisphere App is available on iOS and Android

Stratisphere, the Stratis blockchain’s own NFT marketplace, has released the Stratisphere NFT Wallet for iOS and Android. This will make NFTs easier to store, buy and sell from your phone — which is vital for the Stratis Ecosystem as a whole as more of Stratisphere’s NFTs are leveraged in games on the Stratis blockchain.

Stratisphere is the ideal place to list and buy NFTs, with 0% marketplace commission and enforced royalties. So if you want to download the app for iOS or Android, click on the respective links below.



Dawn of ships

Dawn of Ships has reached an important milestone in the closed Beta release, which allows Club Pass holders to play the game. So if you want to have a go, Astroverse club passes are available at the Stratisphere store. Dawn of Ships is a swashbuckling P2E Web3 game powered by the Stratis Blockchain, which sees players battle it out on the seas, with utility NFTs representing ships and crew to offer an immersive, strategic and engaging experience for players.

Soon we expect to see the open Beta release, so keep an eye on their Twitter so you can begin playing as soon as it is released.


We are also very excited to announce the V1 release of Coinvault. Coinvault is a Stratis and Cirrus non-custodial HD wallet in your extension browser for tokens, identities, NFTs and more. Featuring indexers, smart contract interactions and more, it allows for an integrated approach with the Stratisphere platform and Opdex.

The Coinvault team is now working on optimising and adding more features. Specifically, they are focussing on the stability of the code secure audits. They recently presented at the Stratis meetup, so watch for future presentations and developments.




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