Stratis August Monthly

2 min readAug 11, 2023


August marks the last triumphant month of summer before we start to settle in for autumn. For those not enjoying the sun or off on holiday, its time to review the achievements of the developers working on the Stratis Platform over the last month.

Cross game NFTs come to Corgi Dash and Dawn of Ships

The Dawn of Ships (DoS) and Corgi Dash cross-game NFT feature is live. Players can now use their Corgi Dash NFTs in DoS to get a plunder bonus, means ships that have a Corgi NFT as part of their crew can earn more. Cross-game NFTs could offer the platform to make a unified gaming ecosystem across games, which otherwise would have very little in common. The teams at DoS and Corgi Dash are excited to see the uptake on this collaboration, as are we.

Dawn of Ships update

Along with the cross-game NFTs, Dawn of Ships (DoS) has also released an exciting update. DoS has added a new section to the main menu that shows the top 10 active plunder and ambush missions, offering players a new way to see the global community playing the game and aspire to be a part of it.

The new update also officially introduces Ambush mode — an exciting new game feature that allows players to disrupt, attack, loot the plunder missions of other players.

Finally, the update offers a new feature that enables players to purchase gold using OVIA. This makes in-game gold purchases easier to purchase and the internal economy more immersive.


Ticketsphere has officially opened its doors to the public, enabling anyone to access to its enhanced features and seamless operability. The app allows for convenient and secure ticketing, including unique perks like collectibles that sit alongside the NFT tickets. The app also offers revolutionary ticketing solutions for event organisers, as it is a fraud-reducing and eco-friendly way to implement non-custodial ownership through NFT tickets.

We are now in talks with venues, so keep an eye out for event announcements so you can be one of the first to use our NFT tickets.

Stratis DevEx

Stratis DevEx is a project dedicated to making smart contracts and programming on the Stratis blockchain as simple as possible. We want to ensure the Stratis blockchain is to continue to thrive and prosper.

The team has recently released some videos explaining work on the Stratis blockchain. One is on browsing the Opdex smart contract repository and the other looks at running the Stratis DevEx GUI on Linux. If you’re a programmer who is interested in working on the Stratis blockchain we recommend giving them a watch.




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