Stratis Development Roadmap

Stratis is excited to announce an updated Development Roadmap for the remainder of 2020 and heading into H1 of 2021. The below graphic highlights the upcoming developments from Stratis and their target deliverable timelines.

Ethereum Interoperability

As highlighted in our recent news item, Introducing InterFlux. Ethereum support will be introduced to Stratis InterFlux, enabling ‘wrapped’ STRAX on the Ethereum Blockchain.

STO & Digital Asset Platform

The STO & Digital Asset Platform embodies the tools required to both perform and manage either a token offering, whether that be fungible or non-fungible.

Unity Development Kit

Stratis Unity Development Kit will enable game developers to integrate Stratis Blockchain Technology, allowing games to leverage non-fungible tokens and decentralized identities to manage in-game items efficiently.

IoT Software Development Kit

The Blockchain IoT Market is projected to grow exponentially over the coming years. Stratis IoT Development Kit will enable businesses to utilize an ultra-lightweight Stratis Blockchain Client to integrate into their existing IoT devices.

DeFi Software Library

Stratis has already begun developing Smart Contracts in C#, utilizing Stratis Blockchain Technolgy. These contracts will be the foundation of an ever-growing repository of DeFi-based Smart Contracts.

Proof-of-Stake V4

There have been many advances with Proof-of-Stake algorithms. Stratis will introduce features that further security-levels and introduce new features to benefit those securing the network.

Python Development Kit

Python is well renowned as a powerful programming language. Stratis introduction of a Python Development Kit will enable experienced Python Developers to interact with Stratis Blockchain Technologies with ease.

DEX Mobile Support

Stratis deployment of a Mobile Application, leveraging a fully decentralized exchange on the Cirrus Sidechain will facilitate the trading of SRC20 Tokens and others token standards in a genuinely trustless manner.

Mobile Wallet Token Support

The Stratis Mobile Wallet will be further developed to support tokens issued upon the Cirrus Sidechain. This development enables users to secure their tokens safely and securely on their mobile devices.

Stratis System Contracts

The enablement of Stratis System Contracts will provide a means to supersede historic off-chain logic and re-introduce such logic on-chain with the use of System Contracts. This development will bring simplification to user-driven processes providing a greater experience to those interacting with the Stratis Blockchain Technologies.

Stratis DAO

A total amount of 5,000,000 STRAX has been set aside to fund developers building solutions, utilizing Stratis Blockchain Technologies. Stratis has been clear that the funds will be distributed in a fully trustless manner based upon community voting in favour of projects to receive funds to fuel development.

Stratis Oracles

Stratis understand the need for Advanced Blockchain Solutions to leverage external and reliable data. Stratis Oracles will provide a fully distributed and decentralized service that can be leveraged by those building upon Stratis Blockchain Technologies.




Stratis is powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real world financial services and businesses.

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Stratis is powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real world financial services and businesses.

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