Stratis July Monthly

4 min readJul 21, 2023


Schools are out, the USA is celebrating, and airports are full with jolly holiday goers, that can only mean one thing- July has come. For the Stratis community, that means we get another chance to review the achievements and work of the last month.

Stratis unveils Project Atlantis

Our first announcement is a big one. We at Stratis have announced the exciting development of a new game: Project Atlantis.

Project Atlantis will be a city-building game based in a sci-fi world. Video games with a science fiction theme are consistently among the most eagerly awaited and sought-after titles each year. This includes both high-profile AAA releases from leading studios and publishers, as well as more niche offerings from independent developers striving to make a unique impact on the genre.

In Project Atlantis, every player will play on the same server, with each player beginning in a colony with tiny structures and its own resources, military and markets. As the game develops colonies expand and compete for supremacy. Political interactions add an engaging layer to the game with players having to compete and collaborate with other colonies through espionage, trade and war.

We wanted to add real stakes to the game. We had a vision of a city builder that utilises in-game currency to give the time spent playing a real-world value. That’s why we utilised the Cirrus blockchain to add an additional element of reality. This means that the time you spend in game has real value, giving you the ability to trade and swap the in-game currency for real world money.

However, our dedicated team of elite gaming developers have gone even further. We are implementing AI through LLMs to allow for cutting-edge hyper-realistic conversations with NPCs in newly discovered cities. It will also allow for unique terrain creation, character creation, atmospheric music and artefacts.

Read our dedicated blog post here if you want to learn more and see some sneak preview screenshots:

If you want to stay updated join our discord:

Corgi Dash promises innovative cross-game NFTs and infinite game mode

Corgi Dash is a Mario Run-inspired game in which players attempt to run all the way to the Corgi house and win NFTs. Corgi Dash has been teasing the release of infinite mode, a game mode that allows players to play infinite levels. This gives the game more replay value and means the fun can keep on going. The team has also been hard at work improving the game’s animations for a more immersive playing experience.

Corgi Dash have also released some information about their hotly anticipated cross-game NFTs with Dawn of Ships. When used in Dawn of Ships, Corgi Dash NFTS will give a plunder GOLD bonus of 1.25% bonus for each NFT used as part of your crew. These cross-game NFTs will be implemented in the next Dawn of Ships update.

Cross-game NFTs are yet to be introduced in web3 games and Stratis will be one of the first blockchains to showcase them. Cross-game NFTs will offer players an integrated gaming experience and encourage users to try new games. It encourages players to play more without the stale repetitiveness that comes with ‘grinding’ on the same game- an experience most gamers are all too familiar with. Cross-game NFTs very well may be a big part of the future of gaming, and we are excited to see it in action.

My XR world releases Beta 6

My XR World allows players to create and socialise in their own personalised space in the metaverse. They have released their Beta 6 version, which the team tells us to consider the ‘director’s cut’ (or in this case really the ‘developer’s build’) for the full game. This is because while refining will still need to take place on the UI before it can be called complete, the metaverse experience is now fully functional.

Getting to this point required significant changes. They have moved away from Playfab as the user management console and partnered with Loot Locker for stronger monetization support. This means you can now publish incredible curations of work into your own personal gallery and truly call it your own.

This means you can hop onto your PC and in just a few clicks create your own VR space and interact with friends. So why not do so? Contact the team if you want to learn more

DoS updates

The team at Dawn of Ships has been hard at work over the last month or so working on new features. The developers of the swashbuckling P2E Web3 game powered by the Stratis blockchain are still hard at work on the new ambushing feature. This feature will allow you to strategically loot the plunder missions of other players. They are also working to introduce a feature that allows you to purchase gold using OVIA. This will make it easier to buy gold, in turn making gameplay more convenient

The other big update is the collaborative work with Corgi Dash on cross game NFTs. Do keep an eye out for the next update to put your Corgi Dash NFTs to use in Dawn of Ships to gain some extra gold!




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