Stratis March Monthly

4 min readMar 14, 2023


March sees the days becoming longer, things warming up, and the trees starting to bloom. As we move into spring, the Stratis community has a lot to celebrate. We have seen several updates, releases and meetups — read a recap of this below.

Stratis Unreal Metaverse Plugin

Stratis has released a new Metaverse Plugin, which is available now from the Epic Games Unreal Marketplace.

The plugin helps designers to interact with the node in the Stratis blockchain. This enables users to leverage decentralised infrastructure to build next-generation apps and games. The plugin uses decentralised apps (dApps) that have their backend code running on a decentralised network in the place of a centralised server. Smart Contracts are used for the app’s logic, allowing for transparent mediation of transactions.

The plug-in also allows users to mint, transfer and deploy NFTs and ERC20- like tokens, allowing for enhanced security, real ownership, and operational in-game currencies.

Interact with the Stratis node today by downloading the plugin here:

February Meetup

On the 17th of February, we again welcomed many of you to Tower Suites in London. The community is vital to any healthy web3 ecosystem, and it is always good to see you guys in person as we continue to build our community. Thanks to everyone who came- and a special thanks to those who spoke.

Our next one is on the 24th of March, so grab your free tickets from the link below. We can’t wait to see you there!

Trivia Legends

We briefly mentioned the breaking news of the Apple and Android release of Trivia Legends in our last monthly update, but we thought we’d give it a little more focus this month.

Trivia legends is a casual mobile play-to-own collectible-style trivia game. Trivia is mixed with strategy to offer a twist to the standard trivia format — a move which makes gameplay a novel, yet enjoyable, experience. Player avatars are NFTs that increase in power the more in-game experience is gained.

The new version includes a number of new features and improvements. These include a collection of NFT characters from the Stratis blockchain and collectible rewards.

It is now available on Android and Apple stores, so be sure to play it for yourself:

Dawn of Ships

Dawn of Ships is making preparations for their Beta release and have revealed information about the roll out and some of the features they plan to offer. They announced this month that Astroverse club pass holders will be the first to play Dawn of Ships, with each pass also giving the holder a free NFT ship for in-game use.

Furthermore, the Dawn of Ships NFT page is now live. You can click here to browse the collection here. The ships offer in-game use, so if you want to sail the seas and participate in raids, getting your hands on some ship and crew NFTs can boost your vessel and offer rewards bonuses.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for any updates by scanning the Dawn of Ships website, Discord and Twitter.


Ticketsphere, Stratis’ next generation NFT ticketing platform, will release on 29th March. Ticketsphere replaces physical tickets with NFTs that offer better ownership, a reduced risk of fraud and a new means of interaction with ticket owners.

Ticketsphere is unique as it introduces NFTs to ticketing and makes these NFTs accessible. Typically you must own cryptocurrency to interact with a blockchain, which can alienate new users as it requires an understanding of crypto and often the trust of a centralised exchange. Ticketsphere allows users to purchase using a debit/credit card or even newer payment methods.

To learn more, read our blog release here. There will be more updates to come, so we recommend you keep your eyes on our Twitter and ourwebsite, which is launching soon.

GBPT: Progress made and new compliance officer hired

One of Stratis’ immediate core objectives is issuing a Great British Pound Token stablecoin. Our CEO and founder Chris Trew recently spoke to City AM to outline why the world needs a GBP stablecoin. The next step towards offering a secure and trusted stablecoin is ensuring regulatory compliance. We have hired an experienced Compliance Officer and are working with the law firm CMS, the only UK law firm to employ a crypto industry specialist.

Read more about our recent progress in our dedicated blog post here:




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