Stratis May Monthly

2 min readMay 19, 2023

For many, the month of May is when summer stops being a dream and starts to become a reality. So as we pass Easter and roll into summer, we want to take this opportunity to look back at April and celebrate some achievements from across the Stratis community.

STRAX listed on KuCoin

April saw STRAX, the cryptocurrency linked to the Stratis blockchain, listed on KuCoin. The Stratis blockchain runs a proof of authority mechanism, which makes it more sustainable than major blockchains. This means STRAX is better for the environment than most. KuCoin is a secure cryptocurrency exchange that allows the trading of most major cryptocurrencies. STRAX being available on KuCoin is an important step in making STRAX more widely available for digital purchases and trading.

Do check it out for yourself on KuCoin:

Dawn of Ships open beta release

Late April saw a huge milestone for Dawn of Ships as they released their open beta. Earlier in the month, Dawn of Ships released game update v1.1.0. This update included new features like a mission timer, improved UI, bug fixes and more.

Those who have read this blog will be familiar with Dawn of Ships; it is a swashbuckling idle RPG game in which players can earn tokens and use utility NFTs from the Stratis blockchain. The open beta opens the game up for all of us to try, and the changes from the most recent update will continue to make the game more functional and allow users to get more immersed in strategy and gameplay.

Play it for yourself by clicking the link below and downloading the game:


HashBattle is a blockchain gaming platform powered by Stratis. We were thrilled to see the Hashbattle team announce that several new games, including Car Loops and Line Runner, will be added to the Hashbattle arena soon. By playing these games, players earn rewards, which are facilitated by the Stratis blockchain

This is added to Hashbattle’s already fun-packed portfolio, which includes games like Cops Clash, Hurdle Hop, Tunnel Trouble and Counting Snakes. Get playing now to earn for yourself!

Corgi Dash has had their third SDA proposal approved

Congratulations to Corgi Dash on getting their third SDA proposal approved. Corgi Dash is an action-packed play-to-earn game on the Stratis blockchain. The game sees players attempt to make the dash to the apex of the Corgi House.

We look forward to seeing the funds used to improve the game further.




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