Stratis Monthly #7

Development Update

Stratis Full Node

  • Partially refactored the full node’s feature discovery mechanism and continued refactoring work to improve overall architecture surrounding network consensus rule registration
  • Utilizing the Stratis Coherence Suite to ensure release stability

Cirrus Sidechain

  • New Cirrus wallet feature to issue custom tokens and interact with them
  • Improvements for stability of the Cirrus miner
  • Feedback improvements from Cirrus’ cross chain transfer store to better log information to the console
  • Fixed unconfirmed balance issues with Cirrus’ federation wallet

Smart Contacts

  • Porting of Azure workbench sample smart contracts
  • Improvements to smart contract receipt querying
  • Fixes for smart contract storage access bug

Stratis Core Wallet

  • Fixes for wallet transaction history
  • Updated cold staking feature to include wallet feature explicitly
  • Performed extensive performance testing and optimization of wallet database
  • Created new SQLiteWalletRepository database store for wallets
  • Added option for multiple wallets per database or one database per wallet
  • Identified some reusable code and interfaces in the wallet database
  • Added support for various RPC methods including GetAddressGroupings to wallet database

Block explorer

  • Release of the block explorer for Cirrus and Stratis networks
  • New improved responsive User Interface (UI) for the block explorer

Business Updates

Stratis Listing on

Stratis & the Technical University of Munich

Kookmin Bank visit to Stratis HQ



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