Stratis Monthly- November

We’ve had a busy month here at Stratis, and we are excited to share what we have been working on and what the rest of November promises to bring for our community.

From Hackathon victories to the launch of the OpDex Platform API, the month has been full of promising developments that show no sign of slowing down.

Student Hackathon Winning Ceremony

The Stratis Blockchain Student Hackathon Winner Ceremony took place on the 7 October at Inmantec Institutions in India. Developed alongside C# Corner, the competition allowed blockchain users and students to showcase their skills, with the overall winner awarded an Apple MacBook Pro and 200 STRAX. Competitors had to build solutions leveraging Stratis Smart Contracts in C# that were innovative, easy to use and could be applied across several industries. We offer huge congratulations to the winning team of Umesh Mahur, Abhishek Agarwal, Professor Ashish Bhatnagar and Dr Alok Singh Chauhan.

OpDex Platform API is available to the public

The Opdex Platform API project has been open-sourced and is now officially available to the public for collaboration. This project allows users to easily and effectively swap tokens, provide liquidity, collect transaction fees. The unveiling of this project marks Stratis’ first decentralised protocol utilising the world’s first native C# DeFi smart contracts.

Stratis attended APPG Blockchain’s CBDCs & Stablecoins evidence meeting

We were delighted to attend the CBDCs & stablecoins evidence meeting hosted by our partners at APPG Blockchain on 27 October. APPG Blockchain is comprised of reputable organisations such as Capita and the BSI, who collaborate to offer insight and recommendations to those working on the UK’s blockchain approach. The meeting aimed to ask questions around the opportunities and challenges posed by CBDC (Central Banks Digital Currency) and stablecoins, from the logistics of currency design to what role commercial banking will play once digital currency is implemented.

Completed token burn

This month also marked the completion of our token burn, an effort to remove over 6.6 million STRAX from the circulating supply. This decision was received with near-unanimous support from our community last October, as 97.54% of users voted to swap out old STRAT tokens in favour of STRAX. As the Stratis project continues to develop and advance, this token burn will mitigate the difficulties experienced by users that struggled to integrate STRAT tokens into the network.

Release of Masternode dashboard

Another exciting development this month was the launch of the community testing release of the Masternode dashboard, a platform designed to simplify the management and monitoring of Masternodes and the role they play in validating transactions in certain blockchains.

CoinVault passed SDA vote

We are thrilled to announce that the blockchain development company Blockcore has passed SDA voted to build a MetaMask-like wallet named CoinVault. Coinvault is a non-custodial browser-based wallet for STRAX and CIRRUS tokens that allow users to store, send and vote on proposals.

Stratis Red Runner

Stratis has elected Red Runner — an open-source game developed by Bayat Games using the Unity 3D Gaming Engine — to demonstrate the uses of Stratis’ Unity SDK by installing a series of modifications such as a non-custodial wallet, NFT minting, and a play-as-you-earn function. These modifications mean that a gamer is rewarded for playing the game as the Red Runner Tokens are awarded based on the distance travelled and the coins collected by a player. You can download our edition of Red Runner below.



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