Stratis SDA update 7

5 min readMar 30, 2023


Many in the Stratis community will already know that development using the Stratis blockchain has been active in the early part of 2023. Below, we summarise some of the major developments on the Stratis blockchain, however there is no replacement for joining the Stratis community yourself and seeing the updates first-hand on our Discord. Anyway, without further ado, here is the Stratis Decentralised Accelerator (SDA) update number seven, summarising the major updates which have been facilitated by the SDA over the last few months.

My XR World

My XR World is a unique metaverse experience which allows users to socialise online and display their digital assets in a personalised virtual space. Recent updates have enhanced the user experience on the My XR World platform, with one of the most exciting of these recent additions is a new feature which allows users to upload almost any type of image to their world with ease. This allows for increased personalisation of your space- a key feature for My XR World.

There have also been some operational improvements, such as updates to the asset browser and improved moderation features. This will allow for better organisation of assets and ensuring My XR World is safe for everyone, two significant steps in making My XR World a more user-friendly and enjoyable experience.

The My XR World team is also hard at work on new features following the approval of their third SDA proposal. This includes work to further improve uploading of assets, including 3D assets, entire Unity scenes and music files. This will include tools which allow users to monetize 3D assets they upload, rewarding artists for their work and increasing incentives to innovate and create. We also hope to allow users to upload their reddit pages in the Metaverse 3D environment through Reddit P. This will allow users to easily and aesthetically present memes, the latest media and other updates in the Metaverse, through a platform which many of our users already enjoy regularly.

There is more work being undertaken including work on a new UI and the ability to buy storefront in the metaverse mall- however we only have so much space. If you are interested in learning more or want to try the beta test, contact the team at We look forward to seeing you in the metaverse!

Kiqqi Games

Kiqqi games is a Croatian game development team that has embraced NFTs and web3 as a core part of their company ethos. They are currently working on Trivia Legends, a Trivia strategy game powered by the Stratis Blockchain, in which characters are represented by NFTs.

Kiqqi are currently working on a number of improvements in the NFT systems. This includes fixes to the mint scaling system and tools to ease NFT game collection management, which is used in Trivia Legends but can theoretically be used across all of their games. They are also researching ways to introduce cross-game NFT characters- so do watch this space as the Kiqqi games universe could soon become very connected

Other work going on across Kiqqi include work on their Question API and Database for Trivia Legends, which will allow for extensions like adding questions on the fly and multi-language translations. Work is also ongoing for new game features, where they are currently focussing work on improving existing code and architecture.

With the recent release on iOS and Android stores, there has never been a better time to start playing Trivia Legends.

Download it here:


Stratis DevEx is a project dedicated to improving the developer experience for those using Stratis smart contracts. DevEx is currently working on a few new features, these include implementing a call graph exploration tool window, control-flow graph exploration tool and class + struct diagram tool window. Another piece in development is cross-platform GUI which will analyse the running of different IDEs like Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider which helps to visualise information and will also provide UI elements allowing a valid smart contract to be tested or uploaded to a node.

DevEx is essential for the Stratis blockchain to realise its potential as smart contracts automates certain actions on the blockchain, making the process more user friendly- decreasing the burden of trust required for transactions to take place.

Read more about the work being undertaken on DevEx here

Corgi Dash

Corgi Dash is a Mario Run inspired game where anyone can earn coins through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Corgi Dash is happy to announce that it has been made available on PC beta and is available for download on Github. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or a first-timer we think that this game is for you, as it is packed full of excitement and also gives the chance to earn Corgi Coins which will be added to your Stratis wallet. Powered by Stratis blockchain, be ready for an exciting run to the Corgi House!

Keep up to date via Twitter, Discord, or checking out the website.

Dawn of Ships

Dawn of Ships is continuously developing, with recent focus on their Beta releases. Dawn of Ships recently released their closed Beta, which allows Club Pass holders to play their game. So if you want to play now get your pass now, Astroverse club passes are available on the Stratisphere store. The game allows players to battle it out on the seas, with utility NFTs representing ships and crew to give a deeply strategic, yet fun, experience for players.

Soon we expect to see the open Beta release, so keep an eye on their Twitter so you can begin playing as soon as it is released.


Our final update is to announce the V1 release of Coinvault! This is a massive achievement so a big well done to the Coinvault team for all their hard work on this. Coinvault is a Stratis and Cirrus non-custodial HD wallet in your extension browser for your token, identities, NFTs and more. Featuring indexers, smart contract interactions and more, it allows for an integrated approach with the Stratisphere platform and Opdex which gives a smooth user experience. Meaning that this release is a big step forward for the Stratis blockchain and community as a whole.

The coinvault team is now working on optimising and adding more features. Specifically, they are focussing on the stability of the code and secure audits. Recently they presented at the Stratis London Meetup- so do come to our next one to hear about more exciting projects.

CoinVault is now available from the Chrome Web Store, so be sure to click on the link and try it out for yourself.




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