STRAX Sidechain Masternodes Dynamic Membership

2 min readNov 21, 2020

The STRAX Initiative introduced benefits not only to the STRAX Blockchain but also, to the Cirrus Sidechain, as defined in the Introducing STRAX blogpost. A new incentivization was introduced for Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes; achieved through the distribution of 9 STRAX, every block, to every active Masternode on the Cirrus Sidechain.

Feedback regarding the new incentivization rewards has been phenomenal, and as such, it is now time to enable the Dynamic Membership feature. The introduction of Dynamic Membership has many benefits, first and foremost, by allowing ‘anyone’ to join the Cirrus Sidechain as an acting Masternode, block production inherently becomes more distributed. In addition, the Auto-Kicking feature ensures consistent Block Times, which is essential for businesses and projects, deploying solutions on the Cirrus Sidechain.

As previously mentioned, Dynamic Membership enables anyone to join the Cirrus Sidechain as a Masternode Operator; however, to be accepted, you must meet a collateral requirement of 100,000 STRAX. This collateral requirement was defined by a community vote, performed by the Stratis Token holder community. Sidechain Masternode operators are also encouraged to stake their collateral, providing additional distributed staking weight on the STRAX Blockchain.

We have set out to make the joining process as straightforward as possible, to aid the process, a document and script have been created to assist with the setup.

STRAX Sidechain Masternode Registration Guide

It is exciting times for the Stratis Platform, with the successful launch of the STRAX Blockchain, the subsequent integration with the Cirrus Sidechain and now the enablement of Dynamic Membership. Rest assured that there is still more yet to come!

As always we encourage you to join our Discord Server to liaise with the community and receive support for any questions or concerns you may have.




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