The Genesis NFT Collection on Stratis

Stratis is pleased to announce a Genesis NFT collection minted explicitly for InterFlux Decentralized Governance Board members who operate and maintain a Stratis Sidechain Masternode.

At Cirrus Block 3,430,000 (approx. 21st December 2021), all active and participating Stratis Sidechain Masternodes will receive a unique NFT from the genesis collection. The amount of NFTs will be finite; the number of active IDGB members will define the amount of NFTs minted. Stratis plans to utilize these NFTs for upcoming events, incorporating their ownership as a requirement for events, special giveaways, and much more.

If you were considering operating a Stratis Sidechain Masternode, now is the time to secure your place as a recipient of a unique genesis collection NFT. The current IDGB Members have created a fantastic community, participating in Decentralized Accelerator reviews while benefiting from fantastic tokenomics, evidenced on Staking Rewards.

Additionally, Stratis feel it is essential to reward the ever-growing Stratis community, particularly those unable to operate a Stratis Sidechain Masternode. Therefore, Stratis will also release an additional collection specifically for its community. Exact requirements will be released in due course; stay tuned to ensure you perform any pre-requisite actions to own one of the first NFTs issued on Stratis!

There have been multiple announcements concerning NFTs and the Stratis Platform as of recent times. From the upcoming Astroverse NFT Collection giveaway to the announcement of ‘The Stratisphere‘, a zero fee NFT Marketplace. It truly is an exciting time for Stratis.

Stratis is powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real world financial services and businesses.